The Air Conditioner. An unsung hero of removing the heat or cold from our homes and workspaces. As residents of South East Queensland (and Queensland in general) we are victims of humidity, relentless heat during summer and sometimes subjected to the cold fangs of winter. We rely on our air conditioning systems wholeheartedly. So, it would not come as a surprise to you that maintaining these machines will keep them running right?

If this is the first time you have heard about air conditioner maintenance which includes air conditioning cleaning and servicing, then keep reading.

Looking after what we have.

Over the last few months, there has been a continuous stream of media circulating around the topic of inflation and the increase in household expenditure. Every one of us will feel the pinch this year, so for us to survive this economic impact we have to figure out how to stretch every dollar.

Now, you may be wondering, why is an air conditioning company talking to me about this?
Well, it’s simple. My Grandmother always told me to look after what I have. This is true for everything we own from our homes to our cars and even our air conditioning systems.

So, if you consider the current rise of the cost of living and the need to stretch our dollars, then shouldn’t the concept of looking after what we have be a focus as well? The ideology is simple. Let’s say you have a small leak in your roof, which lead to a small wet spot on your ceiling. Would you…


A) Fix the small leak; or

B) Do nothing.

If you picked Option A, then the consequence would be that you would need to pay for someone to fix the leak or do it yourself, but the advantage would be that you prevented the leak from getting bigger. The advantage largely outweighs the consequence.

If you picked Option B, the consequence would be that the leak could get bigger (storm season anyone?) and damage your ceiling which means you have to fix a bigger leak and a larger portion of your ceiling.

The small advantage of doing nothing is that you would have saved a small amount of money by not choosing option A, but the cost to fix the larger leak and ceiling damage would be considerably more than Option B. Waiting to see if the leak got bigger has resulted in a larger consequence which outweighs the initial advantage.

You see, the process of picking option A or B is relevant to anything in life. You can use it when deciding to service your car on time or not, or even deciding whether the repairing a leak can wait until after you service your car. Both of those choices come with an advantage and consequence.

The major consequence of not maintaining your air conditioning system.

In our experience, just like a car, air conditioning systems that have not been serviced regularly are bound to breakdown.

An air conditioner breakdown is when you are left with no air conditioning for days, weeks or months and you end up paying for expensive replacement parts or sometimes an entire new system. The bottom line is that if you don’t want to get hit by unexpected replacement costs then maintain your air conditioning system regularly. 

Why air conditioning maintenance is vital.

Air conditioners work the same way as any other machine we use and abuse regularly. We take it for granted that when we press the on button, it turns on automatically and starts pumping out wonderful hot/cold air to suit our comfort level.

The truth is that in our experience, the only time we ever think about our air conditioners is when you press the on button and nothing happens.

No hot/cold air is pumped out and you are left feeling disappointed that your normal routine has been disrupted by an error code or no signs of life.

So, why do we wait until an error code or a complete shutdown occurs to do something? The answer is simple: You have never been advised to do so. 

We can guarantee that the installer or manufacturer of your air conditioning unit has not advised you to clean and service your air conditioning unit regularly. Are we correct?

Anyway, now that you know what could happen if you don’t start maintaining your air conditioner, here are some of the benefits of a bi-annual or annual air conditioning clean and service:

  1. Removes pollutants from the air in your home.
  2. Prolongs the lifespan of the system.
  3. Decreases the risks of a sudden ‘no sign of life’ breakdown.
  4. Saves you money year on year.

Don’t be a breakdown victim! Save yourself the enormous cost of replacing your unit by booking our signature clean and service today.

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