Air Conditioning Maintenance Service

Split or ducted air conditioners require regular maintenance like any other complex machine. When you book a maintenance service for your air conditioner, it will receive a full clean and service to ensure your system is operating at it’s best. 

Your air conditioner is a complex system involving compressors, fans and electronics. Like cars, they need to be maintained regularly to ensure they run at their optimum and reach their maximum lifespan. Neglecting to maintain them can result in breakdowns and a shorter lifespan, ultimately requiring premature replacement. As a rule, if you can’t remember when last you had your air conditioning unit cleaned then it’s definitely time.

South East Queensland is a region that receives over 360 days of sunlight each year. About 70% of those sunlight hours is our summer season and with that comes the relief of air conditioning in our homes and office spaces. In order to ensure that you receive the optimum performance hours from your air conditioning system a regular clean and inspection could detect small issues and remove contaminants that you and others may be breathing in on a daily basis.

Most manufactures recommend a qualified technician perform a full system clean and service once per year minimum. How frequently you maintain your air conditioner depends how often you use. For example, if you use your air conditioner daily throughout the year, such as while working from home, it should be serviced every 6 months. Regular maintenance is the key to saving money and ensuring that your comfort is not disrupted.

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