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We are the leading providers for air conditioner installation in the Gold Coast and Brisbane region. We supply split system air conditioners for residential and commercial use. We provide installation for all brands of air conditioning systems and highly recommend Rinnai as a cost effective and reliable air conditioning unit. All Rinnai air conditioning units come with a 5 year warranty.

Split System Supply and Installation

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A split system air conditioning unit is a two-piece machine that contains the compressor, which is the outdoor unit, and the evaporator or indoor unit. When they are joined together by pipework it becomes a high wall split system air conditioning unit. 

This is a very common type of installation on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane and you’ll see them on homes everywhere. It’s also a very common and cost-effective way to add air conditioning to your home. The unit needs power and the two split system pieces are joined by a narrow tube that connects through the wall, making this a low impact installation in most circumstances.

If you want to know more, try this article, Split System Air Conditioning Explained.

Have you purchased an air conditioning unit already? No problem.

We provide all electrical and installation service too. Our installation services is an all-in-one solution. We have licensed and certified electricians and HVAC staff ready to install your A/C. 

No brand excluded. Furthermore, all split system air conditioner installation services come with a further 5 year manufacture warranty.

Why Choose Us For Your Split System Air Conditioning Installation

Professional Team

Quality work is only provided by quality tradesmen. Our staff are fully ARCtick certified and follow our own rigorous internal standards. We work with our clients to get the best results from their equipment while working within the necessary compliance standards for air conditioning units.

Quality At The Best Price

We are able to give you the highest-quality products at the lowest prices because we do all the work ourselves. Our own electricians on staff allow us to complete all phases of installation in-house. That is due to our purchasing power, which allows us to pass on substantial savings.

Genuine Expert Advice

We guarantee the highest quality of service and the longest life of your system. We want to provide you with an effective system that you can rely on for years to come. Please contact us if you have questions about your cooling or heating requirements.

Word Of Mouth And Our Reputation

You can see how much we care about our customers’ satisfaction by the number of recommendations we receive from word of mouth. You know that we provided great service if you were referred by a friend or colleague. We’ll try our best to meet that expectation.

Our Preferred Brands

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What our customers say

Consider Also, Air Conditioning Cleaning

If you have existing air conditioning units that aren’t operating to their full potential then consider our air conditioning cleaning services. The filters of air conditioning units require routine cleaning. A dirty AC will not operate as efficiently as it should and may cause early demise of the unit due to excess wear and tear. Moreover, the air you breath should be passing through clean filters and not gathering dust and pathogens on the way through.