Air Conditioner Cleaning

Sometimes it’s easy to tell when your air conditioner needs cleaning but unfortunately sometimes the problem is not that obvious.

Your air conditioner is a complex system involving compressors, fans and electronics. As a rule, if you can’t remember when last you had your air conditioning unit cleaned then it’s definitely time.

South East Queensland is a region that receives over 360 days of sunlight each year. About 70% of those sunlight hours is our Summer season and with that comes the relief of air conditioning in our homes and office spaces. In order to ensure that you receive the optimum performance hours from your air conditioning system a regular bi-annual or annual disinfecting clean and inspection could detect small issues and remove contaminants that you and others may be breathing in on a daily basis.

Our team of fully qualified technicians are experts in understanding split systems and what it takes to bring your system back to its full operational capacity and remove the harmful contaminants found in your air conditioning unit due to continuous use.

We do this by providing a full disinfecting cleaning service which includes testing, inspecting and disinfecting the coil, blower fan, drain pan and drain lines.


Sounds like a messy process? It’s definitely Not!


Our technicians know how to pull down a unit and clean it properly. We will wrap your air conditioner in a protective shield which prevents debris from spraying about. We can then give the unit a thorough clean without leaving a mess. There will be no hidden dirt when we’re finished and your home or office will be as clean as when we arrived.


Your air conditioning unit is like any other machine. Serviced regularly, it will run efficiently and your family will be guaranteed fresh air to breathe.


Take action to today to gain piece of mind knowing that your split system is working at its optimum and that you loved ones are protected.

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